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If you adopt one dog, you are giving that one dog a permanent home. But, if you can foster a dog, preparing it for a life in a home, you are allowing many more dogs to be placed in forever homes.

Foster families provide a home environment, and by observing and reporting on the dog’s personality, attitude and temperament, the foster home is able to help us place the dog in the right home.

We cannot predict the amount of time a dog will need a foster home — some dogs may take a few months. While we will allow an animal to come back at any time, we are trying to disrupt the animal’s life as little as possible. We ask that our foster homes be committed to keeping the dog until it finds a forever home.

Our simple foster family program saves lives this way:

  • Dogs who would otherwise be destroyed at an overcrowded kill shelter, are placed with you, their Foster Family, until their Forever Home is found.
  • We only ask that you provide your foster pet with food, shelter and love.
  • All medical expenses (including heart worm and flea preventative) will be paid by Animal Action Rescue.
  • We ask that bring your pet to our Weekly Adoption Event or another special adoption event at least three times per month. You only need to drop them off and pick them up.

All of our pets receive a veterinary exam, vaccinations, deworming, and a temperament test before going to their Foster Home.